Job title: (Work At Home) Data Entry – Remote Position- Administrative Assistant

Company: FocusGroupPanel

Job description: Remote Telecommute Work From Home Job Description:
We are looking for remote, telecommuting candidates from all types of work backgrounds and skill levels to join us.
This is a flexible, work from home position with highly competitive pay working as a research participant for various companies.
Work-info: Due to increased demand we are now accepting a limited number of individuals to take part in our nationwide online or in person market research studies.
Work-Pay info:

Mi'kmaw Indigenous Patient Navigator - Positions Available Throughout Nova Scotia
  • $50 – $350 (Per 30min. to 2hr. Sessions)
  • $150 – $3,000 (Multiple Session Studies)

Work-Benefits: **Applicants will have the flexibility to choose particular studies which can be either online, in person or over the telephone.

  • Flexibility to take part in discussions online or in-person..
  • No minimum hours or commitment. You can do this part-time or full-time
  • You get to review and use new products or services before they are launched to the public.
  • Take part and enjoy free samples from our sponsors and partners in exchange for your honest – feedback of their products.
  • No commute needed if you choose to only work from home

Participants are wanted to help with research for a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • · Food & Beverages
  • · Entertainment
  • · Social Media
  • · Financial
  • · Retirement
  • · Gender
  • · Housing
  • · Health Issues
  • · Consumer Products
  • · Shopping
  • · Internet Usage
  • · Vehicles
  • · Employment
  • Participants will have the flexibility to choose any studies based on their ability to participate either online, in person or over the telephone.

Work Responsibilities: * Show up at least 10 minutes prior to discussion start time.

  • Participate by following any and all written and oral instructions.
  • Fully complete written survey provided for each panel or study.
  • MUST actually use products and/or services, if provided. Then be ready to discuss PRIOR to the meeting date.

Work Qualifications:

  • Willing and wanting to participate in one or several of the topics listed above
  • Be able to read, understand and follow oral and/or written instructions
  • Have working and reliable internet access
  • Must be self-motivated and 100% willing & able to complete tasks assigned to you.
  • Must have either a phone, computer or tablet with either a working camera or webcam

Work Education Requirements:
– Will vary by study but all education backgrounds are acceptable
This is a perfect position for those looking for either temporary, part-time or full-time remote work at home.
Whether your current position or job skill is a data entry clerk, administrative assistant, receptionist, warehouse or factory worker, driver, medical assistant, nurse or health care worker, call center or customer service representative or anyone who is looking for a part-time, remote, work from home job, this is an excellent position to supplement your income with great flexibility and zero prior experience needed.

Location: Sainte-Catherine, QC

Job date: Sat, 03 Feb 2024 23:42:09 GMT